OUR TECHNOLOGY – WHITESTAG Audio and Video technology

WHITESTAG Cinematic VR - VR Filmproduktion - VR Studio

WHITESTAG films with the most modern VR technology

Cameras of the market leaders insta360 (VR 360° 3D movies in 6K, 8K and 10K) and Canon (VR 180° 3D movies in 8K), modern video workstations with the latest VR post-production software (SGO Mistika VR, Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects).

Audio is recorded and processed using Ambiosonic Sound (spatial sound up to 3rd order) technology from Sennheiser, Zylia, and Zoom.

The produced films run on all common VR glasses, such as Oculus Quest, Oculus GO, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboards, etc. in the maximum resolution and quality for the VR headsets.

WHITESTAG Cinematic VR - VR Filmproduktion - VR Studio
  • We always work with the most modern technology

  • We work closely with the technology manufacturers

  • We always have multiple cameras on site to keep production running

  • Employee training is on the agenda

  • We develop our own technology for VR film production

  • Computer farms support our postproduction

WHITESTAG Cinematic VR - VR Filmproduktion - VR Studio

A 360 ° VR movie allows the viewer to be in the middle of the movie. During the plot he can look around in all directions as well as up and down. This allows the viewer to experience the immediate presence.


The icing on the cake in 360 ° VR movies is when the already very realistic film was recorded stereoscopically, ie in 3D. If you then look at this film with a VR glasses, the realistic impression amplifies many times over.

Scientists have discovered that the virtual experience increases many times over if the sound is also spherical and changes the direction of view. This special and complex audio recording and processing is called Ambisonic.