WHITESTAG - Metaverse



Metaverse – The Birth

Metaverse -In 2020, venture capitalist Metthew Ball published an essay „The Metaverse: What It Is, Where to Find It, Who Will Build It, and Fortnite.“ In it, he explained what the digital alternative to our physical world is and why Silicon Valley greats like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Tim Sweeney (Epic Games), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), and many other IT companies are pushing this virtual world. The term „metaverse“ (also called metaverse in German) used in the 1991 science fiction novel „Snow Crash“ by Neal Stepenson describes a kind of global virtual reality, which is a reality of its own in which people can live, work and communicate in a second world by means of avatars.

Metaverse – The idea

Metaverse - Die Idee– The metaverse can never be stopped or paused. It runs on and on.
– It is live. It is true that in the metaverse, as in the real world, events run for a limited time. However, the Metaverse as a whole takes place in real time.
– There is no upper limit to the number of participants.
– The Metaverse has its own economy. Companies and individuals can invest, buy, sell, and get paid for work within the Metaverse.
– The Metaverse encompasses the digital world as well as the physical. There are also open and closed platforms within the Metaverse.
– Digital objects are interchangeable within the Metaverse. As an example, he cites objects from video games that can now only be used in that particular game. In the Metaverse, however, Ball says there is always the possibility of using these objects in a different context.
– The metaverse is full of content and „experiences“ created by individuals, private groups or companies.

Metaverse – WHITESTAG

Metaverse - WHITESTAGWe do not want to put ourselves on the same level as the big players in Silicon Valley, who are pushing the Metaverse project forward with great strides.
However, our interactive virtual reality projects since 2020 are already the first virtual worlds that come very close to the term Metaverse. Whether it is the virtual descriptions of the study programs of the BTU „Brandenburgische Technische Universiät“ or the „Virtual Cottbus“.

All projects are already part of their own virtual WHITESTAG universe, which includes the approaches of Metaverse.