Project Description

From a Buddhist point of view, there is no reason to fear death. „Lü“, the Tibetan word for body, means „something you leave behind“ – like luggage. In life, it is essential to understand that the body is an illusion – to leave it well behind. In Buddhism, death merely opens a new chapter. It is of great importance how one dies. There are two things that matter most: what we have done in life and the state of our mind in the moment of death.  Today’s science, including near-death research, neurobiology, and quantum research, together with the centuries-old Buddhist work, opens up new paths to the subject of death.
Here, the VR film will bring to the viewer the process of dying via an immersive experience, to give insights into this topic from the Buddhist faith and to remove the fear of death from the spectators.
Filming begins in 2020.