Cottbus in Virtual Reality

We have been working for months together with VR filmmaker Walter Schönenbröcher from WHITESTAG – VR Filmproduktion on an interactive virtual reality image film to present Cottbus as a relevant business location as realistically as possible and also to make it a sustainable experience. The release of the film is planned for the 2nd quarter 202.

BLITZ TALK – with Walter Schönenbröcher

What is attractive about Cottbus for you as an entrepreneur?

There are several points of view. Communication works very well in Cottbus. Due to the ideal size of the city, communication channels are short on the one hand, and on the other hand, people are more responsive to each other than, for example, in a big city like Berlin. So it’s ideal for networking. For me, as an entrepreneur, Cottbus is perfect, because here I find the peace and quiet for my creative work, the rents for office and film studio are moderate and I have two major cities more or less on the doorstep. And thanks to the proximity of the airport, I can also get to my foreign assignments quickly.

What is Virtual Reality and why is it the future?

Yes, virtual reality is the medium of the future. With the help of data glasses, there will be a blending of actual reality and a computer-generated reality in many areas of daily life, which will enrich everyday life with contextual information. Here, virtual reality will influence more the entertainment and education sector and augmented reality the information sector.
As Samsung’s CIE.Os and Apple’s CIE.Os have already stated, VR devices will replace mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in the next five years. We at WHITESTAG have meanwhile established ourselves internationally with the creation of VR content and as speakers on the topic of VR at congresses and events.

How can Cottbus companies use VR technology for themselves?

For companies, virtual reality is an excellent marketing tool. In contrast to a classic image or advertising film, it lets the viewer experience the film completely, as if you were right in the middle of it. According to current brain research, the experience of seeing something in virtual reality is identical to what is really experienced. Why not take your prospects or customers on a virtual tour of your own company and present the production or new product groups. Or let interested parties take a virtual tour of real estate. VR makes it possible, no matter where in the world the prospective customer is located. Especially in the current situation, in which we find ourselves due to the pandemic, this is a great alternative to offer its customers an added value.
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