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We have already had the honor to work with you several times and we really have to say: it was a pleasure to work with you!

In the context of the pandemic, it was almost impossible to hold live events. But by using your groundbreaking virtual reality technology, we were able to give our viewers:lnnen the feeling of being almost live on site at streaming events! Thus, you were able to make a strong contribution in helping us as a venue, our audience and our artist:lnnen through a difficult time and make live concerts and online parties possible despite the conditions.

Our cooperation amounted to 2 projects: the multimedia reading „Get the books out of the fire!“ As well as the „360 degrees“ music festival. The reading is a meanwhile traditional event in the cultural calendar of Cottbus, which could take place even under pandemic circumstances due to the enrichment by WHITESTAG’s professional work and did not suffer any loss of quality. On the contrary, the VR implementation had something visionary, groundbreaking.

The „360 Degree“ festival was a successful attempt to set up a digital music festival. Over the course of two days, local and national music acts could be marveled at, all in outstanding VR visuals. Live interviews with local artists were also streamed to draw attention to their exceptional situation due to the pandemic. The first award ceremony of the Cottbus Life Works Award of the Cottbus Club Commission also took place during the festival.
The communication with WHITESTAG during both events, both in preparation and post-processing as well as execution, was always fluid, uncomplicated, goal-oriented and personally very pleasant. During the events, you did not just „do your stuff“, but also helped the colleagues as needed within the scope of your possibilities. You were an excellent member of the team and made an indispensable contribution to the success of the events.

After the event, the company provided us with all the material we had worked on. Thus, we were able to use it for further promotion of the location and the artists.
We can unreservedly recommend a cooperation with WHITESTAG and look forward to future collaborations!

Philipp Gärtner (CEO)

Recommendation of the Scandale UG