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360 degrees Elbe-Elster – only with WHITESTAG

Fog shrouded the small town of Mühlberg on the Elbe River as Walter Schönenbröcher enters the historic walls of the museum with state-of-the-art VR technology and says, „Today, interactive exhibition of contemporary history meets communication of the senses. I’ll help you anchor the message of the cultural treasure seeker in the guest’s mind for the long term.“ And WHITESTAG has done just that. Our cultural tourism product as a result of the cooperation between the district and the tourism association in the European Heritage Year 2018 guides children and adults alike as a personal companion through our fascinating regional cultural history. It helps to discover large and small cultural treasures in two countries, nine counties and 23 places of different federal states.
Why did Charles V end up in Mühlberg on the Elbe? What did a typical corner store look like in the first half of the 20th century? What do we know about the life and work of Hermann Prince von Pückler-Muskau? Or where and how was glass made 300 years ago?

All places are connected for children by a memory and for adults by guessing fun. But wouldn’t it be much more exciting to be made curious at one place already for the next one? One call to Walter was all it took and the ideas bubbled up. „We need a sense of immersion,“ was my first intention and 360 degree VR is the best „world“ for this. WHITESTAG supports every project, no matter how small, and especially helps makers in regions that have to fight for attention with advice, know-how and, above all, a lot of heart for the product.

As a moving image agency, they offer a complete eco-system for the conception and production of your 360-degree and VR films as well as tours, which we also used for the creation of our cultural treasure seeker trailer. The team felt perfectly into the scenery of the catacombs of our county museum and completely took away the shyness of our protagonists Jan and Amelie in front of the camera and film set. The result is impressive and supports us in all ways of marketing and communicating our experience in South Brandenburg. #whitestag #gutfüree

Janine Niederstraßer (Marketing Coordinator of the Elbe-Elster District)

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