Testimonial/Empfehlung Stadt Guben-Gubin

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On behalf of the city administration of Guben, I would like to thank you for the excellent and very constructive cooperation in the creation of the 360-degree VR productions for both the Eurostadt Guben-Gubin and our municipal city and industrial museum.

We really enjoyed working with you during the numerous preliminary consultations, but also during the shooting days. During all the appointments, the cooperation was very collegial and relaxed. Walter Schönenbröcher always had an open ear and accommodated our wishes and suggestions at all times, which in the end contributed to the creation of excellent Guben VR films.

In addition to the finished, highly professional VR end products about our city, Mr. Walter Schönenbröcher has provided us on his own initiative as a „bonus“ a „making of/behind the scenes“ video, on which all funny and very humorous moments were presented collectively. Simply great!

We wish you much success in developing and implementing your further project ideas. We are very pleased and proud that we were one of the first municipalities to enrich your film portfolio with our assignment in 2018.

Fred Mahro (Mayor)

Recommendation of the city of Guben