Cottbus is currently the first virtual city in Germany that can be explored!

Digital, sophisticated, and contemporary – that’s virtual Cottbus. Creating a virtual city may sound like something from the future, but it has actually become a reality. A key measure in location marketing is the so-called Virtual Reality Film.

In collaboration with various local stakeholders and with the support of the GRW-I funding from the state of Brandenburg and the federal government, virtual Cottbus was created: the Cottbus Virtual Reality Film (VR film). In development since 2020, it has become a key measure within location marketing. The production was incrementally expanded in 2021, resulting in the creation of virtual Cottbus version 1.0.

Virtual films are now an essential component of advertising for the Cottbus location. Especially during the time of COVID-19, digital channels have gained unforeseen importance and dynamics. The possibilities of 360-degree presentation are indispensable for all digital representations and provide attractive additions for acquisition in times of reduced presence. Every entrepreneur wants to know about the location, nearby companies, transportation connections, and traffic structure.

EGC Economic Development Corporation has taken care of what is known as the hard location factors, focusing on the places that are important for business decisions to settle in Cottbus. So, what makes Cottbus unique for the economy? What are the advantages of a major city, the largest city in Lausitz, and a magnet for employment? The shooting locations included the main train station, which houses the most modern railway workshop in Europe, industrial areas, entrepreneurs and established businesses at various locations, the Cottbus Building Management Company (GWC), the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU), the Congress, Fair & Tourism GmbH Cottbus (CMT) as a medical campus, the Cottbus municipal utilities, and the emerging Cottbus Lake. What makes the film special is that each virtual station includes personal statements from local companies and startups highlighting the advantages of the city of Cottbus from their perspective.

Other partners have also produced individual films. For example, BTU has created a VR film with a focus on the university, while the city marketing showcases the soft location factors such as lifestyle, recreation, culture, and tourism. All these films are part of Virtual Cottbus.

The result and the resulting possibilities were presented on April 28, 2022, during a press conference organized by EGC at the Cottbus Startup Center, Startblock B2. The VR film was presented by film producer Walter Schönenbröcher (WHITESTAG – VR Film Production®). Subsequently, the participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual Cottbus using Virtual Reality glasses.

EGC Economic Development Corporation Cottbus says THANK YOU!

„Special thanks go to the initiators and facilitators Walter Schönenbröcher, as the producer. The voice of the film belongs to Clara Katrin Jahnke, well-known in Cottbus as a singer. Drone pilot Steffen Franzeck, Drone Expertise, Finsterwalde. We thank our Lord Mayor, Holger Kelch, and Stefan Korb, Economic Affairs Commissioner. We thank all participating companies and institutions and their management, as well as our team members from EGC, especially Elisa Fladrich.“

In addition to the VR film, which is used in a targeted manner for marketing, the project has now taken on even greater dimensions. In close collaboration with Walter Schönenbröcher, an interactive and expandable version of the VR film is being discussed.

Experience Cottbus interactively: